An international and autonomous campaign is being prepared against game farms. #EndGameFarming

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The “End Game Farming” campaign is international and autonomous, and aims to obtain the end of breeding for hunting.

What is an autonomous campaign? :

This means that each collective, organization or activist can join the campaign without having to ask anyone's permission. There are no chiefs, so no accountability to anyone.

We can work together or separately: all the people who act for this objective are not in obligation to get in touch. Everyone acts with whom he / she wishes, in the way he / she thinks it is relevant, to arrive at the common objective: the prohibition of game farms.

Why join this campaign? :

The fight against these farms is not new, and many initiatives have already emerged to obtain their ban. Today we are several collectives, organizations and activists, ready to relaunch the offensive against these horrible places of oppression. Together, we think we can finally get their ban.

The majority of the population is already against hunting and for its ban. It is now up to us to mobilize as many people as possible to take initiatives to convince those who have the power to decide, to vote for the ban of game farming.

Not everyone involved in this campaign will have the same long-term goals, but we have decided to work together to achieve this goal, which we all agree on. And we will need every single one of you to make it happen.

Here are resources that can help you prepare initiatives and actions that are relevant to you.

List of resources:

- International map of hunting farms.

- A visual in French and in English.

If you have other resources that could be useful, share them in the comments! :)

How to maximize the impact of your actions? :

Use the hashtag #EndGameFarming to allow your actions and initiatives to be linked to others.

Send us your press releases so that we can relay your initiatives and actions.

It is also advisable to contact the traditional media, as well as anyone who can give visibility to this campaign, as well as to your actions.

Together, let's finally put an end to the breeding of people destined to be hunted, and fight against Speciesism !

Ideas for actions? :

- Make an article / video / photos / visuals to talk about the campaign and the problem of game farms.

- Try to get in touch with deputies and senators to convince them to make a bill to abolish game farms and / or vote for them.

- Go to the game farms and do something that seems relevant to you. This may be perfectly legal, as there are some that are visible from the public roads, so you can film them through the fences, or have a legal vigil there, or do a recorded interview with the owners of the farm.

- Contact all the collectives / organizations / activists you know and ask them if they can help with this campaign (antispeciesists, anti-hunting, environmentalists ...)

Who is already participating in this campaign? :

If you looking for groups to help or join for this campaign, you can find some here.

United-Kingdom :

- Kent Animal Defenders
Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

Sweden :

Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) Stockholm :
Facebook / Instagram

France :

- Animalistes En Lutte (Press releases / Social medias) :
Website / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / Youtube

- Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) Paris :
Facebook / Instagram

- Paris Animal Save :
Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

- Strasbourg Animal Save :
Facebook / Instagram

- Sang Océan :
Instagram / Youtube

- Cercle Antispéciste à Brunoy :

- Someone Not Something :
Website / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

If you are part of a collective or association and you are going to join the campaign, send us a message or tell us in comment! :)

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